Perched on a ledge
Engulfed in the task
Nothings a care
As long as climbing lasts.


Rock climbing and abseiling around Coffs Harbour NSW Australia. Rock climbing is considered dangerous. Climb at your own risk.

Generally all the areas that we climb in are controlled by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Wonderlands is the only notable exception which is controlled by the Forestry. The Sherwood Nature Reserve is covered by a plan of management. This plan of management was adopted by the Minister for Climate Change and the Environment on 20th March 2009. The areas of Fun Parlour, God Zone, Bunyip, Music Hall, Wild dog wall, Sherwood Rock, , Never Never land, and Kilowatts, are all now enclosed in Sherwood Nature Reserve. All climbers are asked to treat the areas with the utmost care. Check with your local NP office or web site to find out the requirements for camping, fires, access, etc...



Survive, leave no trace, change nothing and take away only the experience and spirit.


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